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May 6, 2013

Palmistry is an age old modality of telling people their future; it goes back many centuries and has long been recognised for its health and wellbeing aspects as well. Today more and more people are utilising Palmistry in conjunction with medical advice; but please note, always go with your medical practitioners advice and medication regime, reading palms is only a guide to be used to help you understand what may …Read the Rest

Past Lives

March 15, 2012

Past Lives is a subject that not everyone believes in or wants to know about, but for those that do …Read the Rest

Subconscious Mind

March 6, 2012

Subconscious Mind is a part of ourselves that most people do not give a second thought to or even think …Read the Rest


February 11, 2012

Angels or Guardians as they are sometimes referred to are in essence, very real for some people; whether you believe …Read the Rest


January 21, 2012

“What goes around Comes around!” How many of us have heard that phrase at some stage throughout our life…. How …Read the Rest


January 16, 2012

The subject of Reincarnation seems to fall into two categories, believers and non believers. Rarely do I come across a …Read the Rest

Spirit Guides

January 11, 2012

Spirit Guides, who are they, what are they…….. Some in the metaphysical field say they are Guardians, ghosts, helpers or …Read the Rest

New Age

December 26, 2011

  Welcome to my page on the New Age Movement. The term New Age is a large umbrella of which …Read the Rest

Alternative Healing

October 18, 2011

Welcome to¬†Alternative Healing. This page is dedicated to the many modalities of Alternative Healing and how they have become a …Read the Rest

Alternate Therapy / Healing

October 10, 2011

Alternate Therapy¬†is changing changing, over the past 25-30 years, especially, the pace of our day to day lives has picked …Read the Rest