Subconscious Mind

March 6, 2012

Subconscious Mind is a part of ourselves that most people do not give a second thought to or even think about, and some people do not believe we have a subconscious mind, believing that we only possess the conscious mind that we think with every day. In actual fact the subconscious is a large part of our being……. in the past, present and future parts of our lives, and does alot more work than it ever gets credit for.

Some in the new age movement liken the subconscious to being an advanced computer system with a never ending hard drive that stores all we have ever done, dreamt, thought about, learnt and loved etc. This information can be retrieved at any time if we so wish and if we believe we can! This can be done by hypnosis or past life regression. Please note: both should be done by a professional therapist who knows what they are doing, especially when it comes to past life regression as this can bring out things you may not be ready for.

Every thought we have ever had, every dream etc resides within the subconscious mind, forever and throughout every reincarnation. When we go into a deep meditation this is the part of our mind that we tap into. It is said this is the same when we are tapping into making contact with our spirit guides and even deceased loved ones.

Unlike the conscious mind which is our thinking mind that we use when we are awake and active, the subconscious takes in absolutely everything in a phenetical fashion (exactly as it is). For example: If you say to yourself “I will jump off this building and fly!” Then that is the way that subconscious hears and accepts it and it stays processed that way in the subconscious mind forever. Where-as the conscious mind would go ballistic if you had a thought like that and you would hear yourself thinking, “get real you idiot! You jump of that building and you will end up a pancake on the footpath below!”

The conscious mind is the ego mind, the power that will reason, manipulate, argue and change until the cows come home……. It is the part of our mind that we do have control of to a large degree if we are strong enough and disciplined.

The subconscious mind we cannot control, it is exact and remembers all and everything. It is the part that we dream with and where our dreams evolve from; that’s why our dreams can seem so real, so vivid and sometimes not seem to make sense at all, but they do to the subconscious……. as our dreams are quite literal to the subconscious and it shows us the pictures in our dreams the way it sees them. Our dreams often do not make sense to us in our awake state, but they are an exact science as the subconscious sees and catalogues them.

Whilst we sleep the subconscious sifts thru the day’s thoughts, activities and collection of information, and stores it.

It is thought and believed that the subconscious goes on forever throughout every life we are reincarnated into; much like the infinite universe that is far reaching and never-ending. So next time you are going back on past memories give a brief thought to the advanced computer system that man will never surpass…….. Your subconscious mind.

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