January 27, 2012

When the word Soulmates comes up in a conversation the majority of people assume that it is two people in love and in some cases it is but in most scenarios it is not. We all have many soulmates throughout our life and very few will be an actual love connection. We can and do have Soul connections with our family, friends, work colleagues, total strangers and animals. A Soulmate connection is one of feeling in sync with another, you just feel you know them so well and you always feel comfortable and safe in their presence. You may share the same values, hobbies and callings in life. You have an unspoken bond you just click and can do most things together. There is a harmonious balance that you share throughout good and bad times and you are always there for one another. You seem to know the others thoughts, feelings and most times not a word is spoken, you just know…..

The Magic Of Making Up

Soulmates have a strong Empathy bond they can feel when something is not quite right with the other. When one is thinking about the other they both usually pick up on the Energy of one another. For example, when the phone rings and one of you say that you have been thinking about the other and the other says that they felt something may have been wrong or happening and that is why they are ringing! It is just a feeling you get or you just know the other person is thinking about you!

Soulmates can be your mother, father, sister or brother, actually any family member that you have a closer, higher level connection with. Most women have a “Soul Sister” someone they are very close to and confide in, someone that they have the upmost trust in and respect for.

Karma also produces Soulmate connections, someone we have spent other lifetimes with and have come together again to work out mutual karma in this Reincarnation. These are called Karmic Relationships they are lives that we have shared with the same person before and still have karmic issues to resolve. These are Past Lives that still have a connection due to the karmic debt not being balanced in previous lives. These relationships will continue to connect life after life until the issues are worked thru, resolved and a balance is found. Past Lives quite frequently come into soul connections and have alot to do with why we link with the people we do.

Karmic relationships can be a very strong attraction and usually come with volatile baggage. The karma they both share is difficult, painful and sometimes violent, but still requires the two souls to work thru it to find a harmonious resolution. If they don’t then they will be reincarnated again into another life to work it out at some stage in their evolution.

Soulmates can be a love connection with the love in your life, but rarely. Husbands and wives will often say they are a soulmate, sometimes they are and sometimes they are not, alot would like to think or feel they are and that is ok. I have found that the strongest soul connections are with tried and true friends that never let you down, criticise or judge you. They just accept you the way you are and everything you come with warts and all……

Some Psychics and Clairvoyants can pick up on a person past life or lives during a reading, if they feel a strong connection around you they will usually make mention of it at some stage throughout the reading, or ask you about the energy they are tuning into. We also have Soul connections with animals especially long term pets that we are attached too.

In my opinion Soulmates are rare and if you do have that connection with someone then you should cherish it and be grateful for that special Soul connection in your life.

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