Our Conscious Mind

February 24, 2012

Our Conscious Mind is the faculty that is in constant use whilst we are awake and going about our daily lives; this is the part of our mind that thinks, analysis’s, makes decisions, agonizes, is decisive and indecisive, studies, examines, sabotages, argues with you, and tells you whether you are right or wrong etc. It is referred to as the ‘ego mind’ as it can be radical, controlling, demanding, exciting, funny, wondrous, intuitive, but also tormenting and depressing.

How we use our mind is up to us and we do have alot of control over it if we choose to do so; much of what we think about can ultimately be a basis for potential growth or can hold us back or even cause us to procrastinate.

Those who have problems with decision making are usually procrastinators who say to themselves, “should I?”, “Can I?”, “maybe I should wait.” Whilst others with a positive mind set will say, “yes I will have a go!” “Why not I’m a risk taker!” Where-as others in the middle of both these scenarios may retreat after much thought and say, “I really want to but what if?”

The what if’s are based on past history that your conscious mind can’t or will not let go of for the fear of history repeating itself. These people usually have low self esteem and more than not suffer in silence with depression and poor body image.

Our conscious mind can control us to the extent that it hinders our life and can make some days a chore just to get through. It really comes down to how we have been programmed, usually since early childhood, or what we tell ourselves or worse yet, allow other people to tell us or have us believe. Or it can help us over come any and all obstacles and move us thru life without hindrance, to see us achieve everything we desire.

The power of our mind is a powerful thing and we can over-ride that which holds us back or stifles us. For some people stepping out onto the breach of the unknown is seen as an adventure, for others it can be terrifying and may well be easier to obey the mind, retreat and stay back from the breach for fear of the unknown.

Harnessing the power of our conscious mind is easy if you can be positive and confident, and just have a go! Alot of people today do not like to step out of their comfort zone, choosing to stay with that which puts/ keeps the mind at rest. Your thinking mind can make you feel wonderful or lousy and self worth is another trait that can be conditioned by the conscious thinking mind. This can become trapped within the confines of the subconscious mind if it goes on for years without resolve or effective treatment.

Our conscious mind is a wonderful part of our human experience and we could not function at all without it. It sends signals and messages throughout the bodies systems constantly, managing everything from breathing to sleeping. Whilst asleep it does take a bit of a break to rest and recuperate and this is where the subconscious mind tends to kick in. The conscious ‘ego’ mind brings us great joy, understanding, empathy, intuition, lessons, pleasure and wondrous, boundless, exciting experiences and expectations of life and living. The more we use it in a positive effective manner the better our lives will be and can be.

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