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December 26, 2011


Welcome to my page on the New Age Movement.

The term New Age is a large umbrella of which many modalities come under. Alot of people like myself also refer to it as Metaphysics. Threads of these modalities and alternate therapies have always been around for a long time, for instance, the use of herbs, oils, crystals, astrology, etc have been used for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians used oils, herbs, crystals and much more in their healings, rituals and mummification processes.

The name new age really started to become noticeable in the early 80’s, but spurred on to new heights in the 90’s and now days is common place in alot of lives and far reaching. The title of new age has a huge list below it and some are as follows; Spirituality, Reincarnation, Aura’s, Karma, Massage, Reiki, Crystals, Angels & Guides, Herbs & Incense, Aromatherapy, Chakras, Reflexology, Palmistry, Psychics, Astrology & Numerology, Meditation, Colour Therapy, Law of Attraction and Higher Consciousness Awareness.

The new age movement has become so popular in the last 20years, due to mankind’s need to reach out for answers, help, healing, adjustment and re-alignment. Maybe think of it this way; just as your car requires a tune up and re-alignment to ensure it runs smoothly, then so do we, to ensure our lives run a little smoother….. Our lives have become over worked, stressed, stretched and troubled. Almost everyone today knows of some alternate therapy or healing, and a large portion of the population use/ indulge in one or more new age modalities.

Another portion live their daily lives around an alternate life-style/ therapy/ healing, and another group are just hungry for information and a need to know ‘who we are and why are we here.’ For me personally, when I was looking, searching for ‘something’ almost 20years ago, my sister gave me a book on crystals to read. After I had read it from cover to cover and discovered what crystals were and how you could use them, I went out and purchased my first (of many) crystals, a beautiful purple amethyst. I have always been drawn to the colour purple, little did I know back then that purple was the colour of spirituality and higher consciousness. I would go on to learn and practice many, many new age alternate modalities, and today I live my life around many of them.

My need for knowledge led me into the huge world of spirituality and has helped me understand alot about life, humanity, the world and universe in which we live. I have made my way thru over 20 different new age resources and I have gone into great depth of learning with most of them. I have also been happy to teach others over the years if only to help them thru a tough time.

I consider myself an empath (a person who picks up on, feels & works with energy). I believe strongly in the Law of Karma, am a Reiki 3 practitioner and love collecting & working with crystals. I believe everyone should try Meditation at least once. Discover your Aura, the power of positive thinking, delve into the world of Angels & Guides and buy a Crystal you are attracted to.

I will be writing pages on several new age modalities including alternate healing/ therapy and spirituality. Also The Law of Attraction (power of positive thinking & trust) Yes it does work, I have a friend who lives her life around The Law of Attraction, and proved to me how well it works when you believe and trust in what your doing.

Just as an exercise, try going outside one night under the blanket of stars or on a full moon and just ask for something simple…… direct it out to the Universe, mean what you ask for, give thanks and most of all, TRUST & BELIEVE in it. You can even put a time line on it if you want, like, you need it to come to fruition within 6weeks! Then just let go and don’t spend time thinking about it, trust and wait. Sometimes it doesn’t come to you in the way that you think it will, but I have found, what you asked for will come to you.

A tip for those who like herbal remedies…… next time you have a sore throat, steep 2 or 3 leaves of Sage in a cup of boiling water. Leave it for a couple of minutes then spoon leaves out, sweeten your Sage tea if you wish and sip. Repeat this twice a day. It relieves a sore throat in no time! Please ensure you don’t have an allergy to sage or any herb you use in any remedy. Another small tip for those with memory problems, smell the aroma of fresh Rosemary or an Aromatherapy Rosemary essential oil. It helps get the electrons working in the brain!

I could write so much more on the subject of New Age, but in essence, there is a modality to suit everyone. New Age Alternate Therapies can assist you with Relaxation techniques, Pain relief, Insomnia & other sleep disorders, Stress & Anxiety disorders, Depression, Anti-aging, Detox and Enlightenment.

I hope you have enjoyed this page and that it has been of service to you.

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