January 21, 2012

“What goes around Comes around!” How many of us have heard that phrase at some stage throughout our life…. How true it is…. For those of us that believe in Karma, it keeps us walking the straight line. We also tend to notice more examples of it when it comes around to some-one who is not expecting it or thinks they are exempt. The Law of Karma is an exact science in our Universe that balances the bar between good and bad. It is the companion to Reincarnation, which is the Soul’s life cycles. Being reincarnated (or re-born into a new life) gives our Soul the necessary lives to work thru and balance our Karmic debts. This in turn, elevates us thru our evolution to one day align with our Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, and one life time is not enough for this to transpire.

Have you ever asked yourself the questions?

  • Why do some children die so young, or are still born, or miscarried?
  • Why do I find myself going thru the same situation over and over again?
  • Why do I feel like I know that person so well, when I have just met them?
  • Why do I feel like such a stranger in my own family?
  • Why are some people born with terrible afflictions?
  • Why does this person keep showing up in my life?

All these questions and more are the results of Karma & Reincarnation. It’s not all about the bad debt tho, we attract as much good reward as well, it is all up to us and how we live our life (lives). You no doubt have also heard the saying “they live a charmed life” or “luck follows them wherever they go” it is the scenario of the wheel of karma, if you live an honest, good life and do right by others, then good karma will come your way. If you go down the road of deception and harm to others, then karmic debt will also find you.

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This is the way our Soul/ Spirit learns the lessons of the Universe and of life. So in essence, we really are the masters of our destiny and creation of new life. We determine our fate by how we live, the choices we make, the people we align ourselves with, our feelings, our thoughts, our words.

In the Metaphysical and Psychic fields, we are often asked “why is this happening to me?” It can be a myriad of different scenarios in which people ask this question, and it is sometimes very hard to say that it may actually be because of something they have done, said or thought at some previous time in this life, let alone the past life/lives. Sometimes we may ask them to think about what has been transpiring in their life. It is a tough modality to explain to some-one who simply does not believe in Karma, or does not think it applies to them, so we have to be sensitive to that. Those of us in the New Age field do tend to believe in it tho and do our best to explain it through talks and lectures that are held at fairs and New Age Festivals.

It is said that for most of us, there are many lives, maybe hundreds, even thousands….. One life may be as short as a few minutes or as long as living into your 80’s or 90’s. What I am about to write is such a delicate subject and it is my belief, so please note it is not to influence any one’s belief structure or system……. It is suggested that maybe the circle of Reincarnation and Karma is an explanation for the loss of newborns and infants. I actually helped a dear friend thru her grieving process of a still born child by explaining this circle of life. I offered her the thoughts that the infant may have completed its karmic circle and thus had its last reincarnation with her for those few months.

That child may have only had those few months left to complete, so when that time is due then that tiny Soul returns to its Soul Circle, never to be reincarnated into an earthly existence again. This is the same whether it is a few minutes, hours, days, months or years. A person may have 91yrs, 8mths, 7days, 3hours and 2 minutes of their karmic lives left to complete, and when that time passes, then they too, will pass over never to reincarnate. It is even suggested that they go on to be Spirit Guides for those that are living. I know it is a hard scenario to get one’s head around, but to someone who is grieving, sometimes, it can help.

Karma is a structure that is being discussed more openly and more people seem to believe in its law. I have even heard someone say that there are three certainties in life that we don’t escape; taxes, death and karma…….

For me, I do believe in the Law of Karma and do my best to live by it…….

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