January 6, 2012

“see the light”

The Aura, what is it and do we all have one? The simple answer is, yes we do all have one, it is our electrical energy field that surrounds our human body. Everything that has an atomic structure has an aura. Each and every atom is made up of electrons and protons that are always in constant movement. Protons and electrons are magnetic and electrical energy. Today’s science has taught us that our human body is composed of energy fields, these include; magnetic, electrical and light fields also sound, heat and electromagnetic fields. The aura including the human aura is 3 dimensional. Metaphysics describes the aura as having 7 levels or layers, the first 3 levels closest to the body are the densest and the other 4 become lighter and more ethereal as they radiate out from your body. It is said that it can radiate from 6feet up to 10 feet out and around the body and this can be seen through kirlian photography.

The first 3 levels closest to the body are the most protective layers, the ones that come in close and hug the body when there is illness, fear or trauma. The healthier you are both physically and spiritually, then the more vibrant and extended your energy field will be, and the more energized and outgoing you are likely to be. The stronger it is, the stronger and fitter you will feel and less likely to be affected by negative energy or forces. Studies on the Aura say that the weakened aura is a result or reflection of many of life’s different problems, whether it be health, or an ineffective lifestyle or environmental factors. Our auric energy interacts with that of others and also with the animal and plant kingdoms.

Everyone has a unique Aura and some are more interactive than others. For instance I consider myself an Empath, I am energy sensitive and feel and sense alot of what goes on around me. Many years ago I would become drained of energy and quite literally be tired for days. Then I came to realise it was only when I was around certain people in my life that I felt this way. I started to implement several healing therapies/modalities into my life to protect my sensitive energy and also to re-energise myself. My studies in Metaphysics were also intensifying at the time and I started to learn about the Aura and how to protect it. Instructional studies on Meditation, the Chakra System and Crystal Healing, came in very handy.

"See the Light"

Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly uncomfortable or that something is not quite right? Have you ever taken an instant dislike to someone and not know why? Have you felt drained, tired or unwell when you have been around certain people? Have you ever sensed or felt another person’s presence before you see them? These are instances of picking up on someone’s auric energy. As I said before, some of us will be more sensitive to these things than others, but if you feel your Aura’s energy is being drained, there is a simple protective and healing technique you can do where ever you are. Stop, take a deep breath, close your eyes (if your able to) and envisage (in your mind) that you have a large white strong bubble of light around you, see it glow and pulsate as you breathe, ask that this bubble protect you and give you light and energy. Then (and this is the important bit) believe and trust in your protection and it will be there……

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