February 11, 2012

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Angels or Guardians as they are sometimes referred to are in essence, very real for some people; whether you believe in Angels or not, is not an issue or even relevant in life, it is what you find comfort in and recognize as Angelic in your existence/ life……

In New Age circles Angelic Beings are looked upon as light entities that have never had an earthly incarnation, where-as Spirit Guides are said to have had one or many earth reincarnations. Some people will say they feel or sense Angelic energy around them in times of stress, anxiety, pain, trauma, disharmony, illness and also in happy times.

Angels have been around since the dawn of time; admired, revered, painted and prayed to, they have taken on great recognition through the ages. Churches are adorned with their ethereal presence, children are blessed into life with a Guardian angel to watch over and guide them thru life. Every walk of life will speak of Angelic Beings whether it is believed that they exist in reality or purely in essence.

Some will speak of Angel sightings, interventions, guidance, protection and as companions in life, to give reassurance and light in difficult times. Just asking for An Angel of help can bring you just that, if you believe in what you are asking for; is it purely luck that gives you the help you ask for? Is it Angelic intervention? Or is it that you just believed in what you were asking for? Whatever it was, does it really matter, it is the outcome that is relevant….

Do I believe in Angels? Well, I believe in the ethereal energy of a light being as I have often called on one for guidance, protection and help many times throughout my life time. I have felt the delicate energy of something in times of trauma, desperation, loneliness and depression. Many times I have asked for protection or guidance and then have trusted in my heart that it will be; and yes, it has always been there for me.

I have been with family members as they move thru the last stage of living (dying) and have sensed beautiful, gentle energy within the confines of the room. Those that are preparing to pass over do find comfort and love in feeling that there may be Angels there with them to guide them on their final journey.

Children find comfort and re-assurance in knowing they have a Guardian Angel to love and protect them through their childhood. I remember talking to what I thought were Fairies when I was little and now as an adult I will still turn to the essence of light and love termed as Angelic.

Psychics and Clairvoyants will sometimes refer to an Angel in their readings whether it is an Ethereal Angel, or an Earth Angel. An Earth Angel is a term given to those people in life that are considered Light Workers; those who give their life and time helping others, volunteer workers, goodwill volunteers etc.

One of the most notable authors on the subject of Angels, Arch-Angels and Light Workers is Doreen Virtue. I have read many of her beautiful books and she also does seminars and teachings in many countries. Many Psychic readers also use her Angel Oracle Cards.

Whatever you believe in, pray to, find comfort in, why not incorporate Angels into your life……. What do you have to lose? You may find they bring something light and re-assuring into your daily life; and if nothing else, you never have to feel alone, in life or when passing from this life.

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