May 6, 2013

Palmistry is an age old modality of telling people their future; it goes back many centuries and has long been recognised for its health and wellbeing aspects as well. Today more and more people are utilising Palmistry in conjunction with medical advice; but please note, always go with your medical practitioners advice and medication regime, reading palms is only a guide to be used to help you understand what may or may not be taking place in your life.

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Palmistry is the art form of reading the lines on your hand; also a palmist will read the mounds of your palm and usually the fingers as well. Every line on your palm has a story to tell every little crevice and dent as well; even the lines on your wrist represent something about you, your life or health.

The major lines on the palm are the heart line, life line, family line, health line, head line and fate line. So much can be told about you by reading your palm; the direction your life, career, relationships, health and family life is going to take can often be read in the palm.

Some palmists can see impending illness or disease within the lines of the palm and usually will strongly indicate to you that it may be wise to have a check up with your doctor. Or to simply have your heart etc checked, not necessarily saying anything is wrong but that it is time to have a check up. Diabetes is also usually picked up early in someone’s palm, also some blood disorders, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and depression by reading your health line.

Palmistry can give you guidance on where your life may be heading in the next few years with your career, home, business, travel and relationships. Most people’s life line or fate line can give strong indications where you are heading and who you might meet along the way.

Your fate line is often taken the wrong way as some think it may mean when their time on this earth is up! Not so, what it usually tells a palmist is what you’re fated to do in this life even if you are doing something totally different at that point! Also tells them who may be coming into your personal life, and often it is the most unlikely person you may think of or wish to be in your life!

People come and go in our life time as they are suppose to, as everyone of them has a purpose to see us along our path, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem at the time. We all have Karma or Karmic debt to settle with one another and that is played out in many life times of reincarnation, (for more on karma/reincarnation go to the New Age section of this site).

I have had the great privilege to work with some wonderful palmists in my metaphysical line of work over the years and their palmistry work is second to none. Two ladies in particular have been in the field for over 35 years and are highly recognised and sort after for their palmistry skills.

With all that said, if you have never tried palmistry then give it a go, you may be pleasantly surprised and you may come away with a wealth of information that may enlighten you and help you on your life path.

May blessings and light follow you on your path…….

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