Aura Cleansing

October 18, 2011

How The Aura Functions (cleansing & re-energising)

One of humanities biggest drawbacks in today’s society is, not believing in the wonderful, awesome, truly powerful beings we are……. We are capable of anything, just trust and believe. Our Aura is our energy link to all other energy within and throughout this great Universe.To have an effective system, aura cleansing and re-energising is required on a regular basis. When it is (we are) healthy and vibrant, it is a huge, pulsating sphere of energy that keeps us linked to everything. When it is (we are) unwell, compromised then it can present itself as rough, jagged and dull. Such ailments as depression, severe stress and tension, pain and illness, sleep disorders and anxiety disorders can have an ongoing detrimental effect on our aura and cause it to close in around us thus trying to give us warmth, protection and vitality. So in essence, when we have days of continual stress/depression, we should try to remedy the problem by clearing/cleansing the Aura. This can be done, quite literally, in the shower! Yes, I did say cleanse your aura in the shower!

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This is likened to a mini Meditation while you’re standing under your evening shower, and my husband is a perfect example of how well this works, { after all, he was the one who first told me about the human aura} For as long as I’ve known him (30yrs) he does an Aura cleansing of the days drose, dramas and work every night in the shower! Sometimes he may only spend a few minutes or up to 10minutes, mentally doing an aura cleansing, and yes it works! He sleeps very well, and is asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow, and wakes the next morning never being affected by things that have transpired the day before, no matter how rotten the day may have been!

When we are involved in a dispute or argument and anger is the main emotion, then the aura becomes jagged and flies out like shards of electricity. If you can visualize an electrical storm when it is ragging, then our aura can look very similar to that. The aura also becomes bright red and fiery. If you think about how you feel (initially) after an argument; you’re worked up, energy high, adrenalin running high, ready for anything! Yes? Well so is your aura. It is not till we have calmed down that we feel the pain or un-ease afterwards, and depending on how well we deal with it, is how our aura will respond/cope.


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The Aura does show many colours, again, this will depend on wellness, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The aura also can illuminate with the colour of all Chakra’s or an individual Chakra. Example of this is,; I often see in my work, a light blue haze above or around some ones head, that indicates to me the person I am with is not vocalising something that they need to, (not necessarily to me) but maybe something that is troubling them and they need/ want to speak about it, but don’t know how, or are afraid to approach the person directly.

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You can also see when someone is newly in love, their aura beams alot of pink energy. If the aura is dark, rusty colours, then it usually means some trouble in the person’s energy field that needs addressing. If the aura is very dark or black, then there is a usually deep, unattended, unresolved issue over a long period of time. Long periods of unattended Depression, can be a good example of this, or battering and abuse. People who suffer alot of illness and pain can also present with blackness in the aura. When the aura is dark, it usually comes in very close to the body, trying to protect, neutralize, comfort and vitalize the person affected, in these instances an Aura Cleansing and re-energising is necessary. It also works hard to be a buffer to try and deflect anymore negative, destructive attachments.

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