Alternate Therapy / Healing

October 10, 2011

Alternate Therapy is changing changing, over the past 25-30 years, especially, the pace of our day to day lives has picked up an alternative healing is rising to the front line to help us cope…… with the New Age!
In the last 25-30 years I have seen how business hours have extended, for  instance, when I was a shop assistant, business hours were 9 am- 5.30pm weekdays, 9am- 9pm Thursdays (which was late night shopping) and 9am- 12pm Saturdays. Hotels (pubs) were generally closed by midnight and night spots and clubs were closed by midnight during the week, 1am Friday & Saturday nights.  We had more public holidays, no mobile phones, no internet, x-boxes, mp-3 players etc. Videos were just coming onto the market, (DVD’s were not even heard of.) It was a time of drive-in movies, disco’s and hanging out at the local milk bar or bowling alley playing games or bopping to the tunes of the juke-box and alternative healing was virtually unheard of. People spent more time hanging out together, laughing, relaxing, taking time out and holidaying…… thus their stress levels were much lower, and although with these Alternate Therapy alternative healing was around, it was not utilized as much as it is today.

We hear people saying things like; “time is speeding up”, “there is not enough hours in the day”, “I’m time poor or all out of time” etc, etc. Even our children now make comment on how quickly time is moving. From one Christmas to the next seems to take no time at all to elapse. When I was a child Christmas seemed to take forever to come round, but not so the case for my children who, for many years, have said that the year disappears quickly, almost like an eclipse. So our life styles have picked up to a busier pace and time does not stand still anymore….. As the saying goes.

Along with this busier pace comes a higher stress level.  People working longer hours to meet deadlines, rushing to pick up children, buy groceries, pay bills and get dinner on the table at a reasonable time! Then a large portion of people work well in to the night to have paperwork and computer work completed for the next day. Finding time for one’s self has become a rare treat, but as the pace picks up so does the stress and anxiety levels, that’s when people find themselves burning out, becoming ill virtually overnight, sleep deprived, depressed, angry, resentful and powerless. This is where you need to take back your power and give ‘time’ back to yourself. We must get back to basics and just stop, even if it starts out only being 10 minutes a day, to make that concerted effort to give that to yourself, is giving back, and with time more will flow as you realize the benefits to your wellbeing and health.

This is where alternate healing comes in to the picture to help you manage your day to day life and stress. Alternate healing comes in many modalities to suit all life styles and systems, Meditation, Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Crystals for Crystal Therapy, Chakra Therapy, Healthy dieting, Sleep management, just to name a few, all readily available for you to try. It just takes you to make that first move, and you are important in this world, so do it for yourself and in doing so you’re not only enriching your own life but those around you. As the saying goes “The first step is the beginning of a long and wonderful journey……..”

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