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Celestial Dreams was a name that came to me, quite literally, in a dream……. I went to sleep one afternoon on my couch after racking my brain trying to come up with a Metaphysical name for a small New Age business I was going into.

I have an affinity with anything to do with Angels and whilst I slept I had a dream about  tiny Angel and she was talking to me……. No, she didn’t give me the name in the dream, the name came to me within minutes of waking up and it just felt so right!

The business I was in was about Self Help, Metaphysics, Spirituality and New Age Modalities which offered advice to people about various Spiritual aspects that could/may help them understand what is going on in their life and helps with answers to the big question………. Why Are We Here?

Over time I will cover many aspects of New Age and Spirituality which will include Meditation…… what is meditation and how to do it.         The Law of Karma and how it really does work.       Angels and their realm.        Aura’s and the energy that is your aura.              Alternative therapies like Massage, Reiki, Positive thinking,Yoga.        Soulmates,  Soulmind and what they are/mean.     Spirit Guides, who are they.      Reincarnation, what is it, does it really happen.

Crystals (I love crystals and have been a collector for many years) this subject will cover what crystals are, how they work, their energy, crystal therapy, and a spin off called zodiac crystals.

I have been privilaged to work with many wonderful Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants and Healers over the years and I will cover these aspects as well.        Numerology and Astrology are also very important subjects………I remember my 1st Psychic reading that incorporated numerology and astrology by a wonderful and stunningly accurate astrologer named Betty……… her reading pulled my past into line and so much of my life ( as I knew it ) started to make more sense. Things in my past also added up and I realised that alot of what I was beating myself up for was not of my doing……… Still to this day I get goose bumps when I think about it!

Celestial Dreams (CD’s for short) will also delve into the taboo subject of Wicca and Witchcraft and the beautiful, liberating but misunderstood religion that it is……… for centuries folk have thought of Witchcraft as dark, evil and about black magic, hexing etc, this is so far from the truth of what Wicca really is. Thats not to say that there’s not a small minority out there that do practice black magic or satanic rituals, but that’s an individual choice, as is white magic………

I will go into subjects such as Moon Magic, Handfastings, Witches, Witch’s Tools, Rituals, The Sabbats, The Ancient Religion, Circle Casting, Wiccanings etc.

I get great joy out of helping people understand that there is something more, some greater Energy Source that guides our life. If I can make a difference to one persons life then I have achieved something good in this life…….. I have had many wonderful, beautiful people in my Metaphysical life that have helped me and been a blessing to me on my personal journey and they know who they are………

Everything on Celestial Dreams is from my own beliefs and what I have learned and experienced over the last 20 years……. much of it has proven itself to me and I am happy in sharing my knowledge with anyone who cares to read it. If for any reason something does not seem right to you, or for you, then please only read what you are comfortable with and leave what your not. It is always completely up to you, the reader. Thank you for looking and I hope this site will be of service to you.

Many Blessings to you……..